Ultrasonic portable level level UUP allows the user to receive a real picture of arrival of a product without opening of railway tanks.


UUP is intended for operative episodic measurement of level in sound-transparent liquids (light oil products, liquefied hydrocarbon gas, oils, alcohols, solvents, water, etc.), in dangerous liquid chemicals (liquefied ammonia, liquefied chlorine, acids, alkalis, etc.), as well as in liquids with reduced sound transparency (oil, fuel oil, etc.).

The measurement uses the non-contact method through the walls of tanks and reservoirs on stationary tanks, tanks and technological devices, in railway and automobile tanks.

The device has a portable design and can work autonomously. Thus, UUP is easy to use and does not require special technical training from the operator.

Range of level measurement from the inner surface of the bottom of the tanks to the liquid / gas section through the thickness of liquids – from 100 mm (but not less than 10 wall thicknesses of the tank) to 5000 mm (incl.) (Expandable to 10000 mm incl.)

Absolute measurement error (instrumental) ± 1.0 mm

Provides measurement of the level of domestic water.