Self-service terminals

The ND Group product line includes self-service terminals that perform fiscal functions when refueling at filling stations. The system allows you to control the entire process of refueling the car directly from the gas station without the need to contact the staff of filling stations and other customers. In addition, it saves valuable personal time for each user.

Self-service terminals are only advantages:

Reasonable load distribution

Which helps to improve and accelerate the quality of customer service by operators at the box office.

Honest business without theft

Operators do not participate in the payment, which significantly minimizes theft by employees.

Cost savings for business owners

The installation of terminals significantly reduces the cost of service personnel.

Comfort and safety of clients first of all!

Installing self-service terminals is an opportunity to refuel your car very quickly and easily without unnecessary queues and contacts with other people. A user-friendly and easy-to-use interface will help.

The use of self-service terminals is a modern and very real opportunity to build automated stations. These are, in particular, "cold filling stations" and mixed filling stations - ie those that are able to work at night with a minimum number of service personnel.

In addition to the fact that such terminals are a significant advantage for filling stations in quarantine conditions, as they allow the customer to avoid any contact with employees and other drivers, such stations in some cases may even operate independently. Also, the introduction of self-service at filling stations helps to increase capacity and, consequently, increase profits for business owners.

Small self-service terminals will increase the free space on the territory of filling stations, for example, for the arrangement of the charging point for electric vehicles. Join the developed countries of the world in building the infrastructure of charging stations to reduce the greenhouse effect and save our planet.

In addition:

High reliability

Operational safety


Wide operating temperature range