The self-service terminal with the touch display will be ideally suited for fast food restaurant, filling station, hotel, other spheres of customer service. The terminal can be used both for pre-order and for the full cycle of selection and payment for goods / services.


Benefits :
– Large comfortable 27-inch screen, specially designed so that people with disabilities can also comfortably use, order and pay for orders.
– Complete set of tools for self-ordering and payment: barcode scanner (for product identification or customer card), printer (fiscal or non-fiscal), place to place a payment terminal, NFC module, camera.
– 3 ways to install equipment: on the floor, work surface (cabinet) or on the wall.
– Cashless payment method.
– Reliable POS system computer unit focused on stable operation 24/7

Additional features:
– Display. It is possible to place a display with different diagonals from 12 to 42 inches and more, different resolution, brightness and functionality, with a touch interface and API connection to the enterprise accounting system. The interface can be similar to the front-office system used at the checkout, or configured individually. It is also possible to model and create an interface according to customer needs, including with the use of brand symbols.

– Housing design. The case is developed on the basis of features of the room and model: it can be compact or large, floor or wall, have additional shelves and markings, be executed in corporate style, colors, etc.

– Built-in equipment. It is possible to build additional equipment into the design, such as a control computer, a check printer or fiscal registrar, a scanner, a payment terminal or a bill acceptor, etc.

– Integration with software. For full operation of the self-service terminal it is necessary to integrate it with the software used at the checkout. If your front-office supports a touch interface, you can consider using it on a self-service terminal. If not, separate software and its integration are required.