ND Self-IFT is a part of the POS system taken to the fuel dispenser, which allows you to make payments and control the process of releasing fuel directly from the gas station.


– Acceptance of non-cash payment directly at the gas station.
– Ability to pay by bank or fuel card.
– The system is compatible with all types of fuel dispensers.

Detailed information:
All ND Self-IFT modes are controlled from the built-in keyboard, based on the INGENICO banking terminal. Operating modes are displayed on the terminal display, duplicated on a color 4.3-inch monitor.

Appropriate readers are provided for receiving bank and RFID cards. It is possible to work with contactless bank cards through a separate reader. This design uses a CUSTOM VKP-80II printer with thermal printing of the check and the supply of check tape from the roll.

ND Self-IFT can control 9 sides of the speakers – up to 45 fuel hoses.

It is possible to print a receipt after each settlement with the client. The ND2017KI control system printer prints a fiscal cashier’s check in parallel, which can also be picked up at the operator’s cash desk if necessary.