The ideal solution for commercial facilities. Strengthen your presence and reputation, attract the attention of consumers and generate additional revenue by enabling electric vehicle drivers to charge their batteries in a comfortable environment. Stand out from the competition and build loyalty by promoting electric vehicles. Accelerated charging Type 1 / Type 2.


- Vandal resistant housing in heat resistant metal or stainless steel*
- 3 year warranty (extendable and renewable*)
- Outdoor floor or wall mounting
- UV-resistant powder coating, illuminated enclosure*
- Tactile vandal resistant display 7", 10"*
- OCPP 1.6, 2.0* open protocol
- AC connectors: Type1, Type2, GB/T Type1, GB/T Type2*
- AC sockets: Type1, Type2, GB/T Type1, GB/T Type2*
- Operating temperature range - 35...+55 °C
- Personal design*, branding*
- Compliance: CE, UL, CB EnergyStar*
- Cable management system*

Technical data

Model Number of cars charging at the same time, and total power kW Power and connection type, kW Display size
ND EVC P-TWOC 2 (44) Connector, 22+Connector, 22 10
ND EVC P-TWOS 3 (51) Connector, 22+Connector, 22+Socket 7 10
ND EVC P-DUALCS 4 (88) Connector, 22+Connector, 22 10