The latest development of our company. DC fast charging stations with a capacity of 300-500 kW. A new ultra-fast complex. This charging station combines all the best that is available in power electronic technology.


- Simultaneous charging of 4 electric vehicles
- Up to 98% effective
- 3 year warranty (extendable and renewable*)
- 24/7 on-line*, remote software update*
- Liquid cooling for cable and CCS connector*
- Vandal resistant housing in heat resistant metal or stainless steel*
- Tactile vandal resistant 14" display
- OCPP 1.6, 2.0* open protocol
- All types of DC connectors to choose from: CSS Combo1, CSS Combo2, CHADEMO, GB/T
- Smart charging: Plug&Charge (ISO 15118), V2G (V2B/V2H/V2X)
- Operating temperature range -35...+55°C
-Compliance: CE, UL, CB EnergyStar*

Technical data

Model Power DC, kW DC connector types Maximum power per connector, kW Total capacity at the same time of the cars to be charged, kW
ND EVC S300 300 CCS1(2) and/or CHADEMO and/or GB/T 300 300
ND EVC S400 400 CCS1(2) and/or CHADEMO and/or GB/T 400 400
ND EVC S500 500 CCS1(2) and/or CHADEMO and/or GB/T 500 500