Level gauges

Ultrasonic level gauge is a device designed for continuous non-contact determination of the level of contents in closed vessels. Ultrasonic level gauges can measure both filled and empty volume. With the help of ultrasonic level meters determine the physical characteristics of liquid, gaseous and bulk substances.

Measurements with the ATC level meter can be carried out in any aggressive environments

Rocket fuel

Toxic substances

Petroleum products



Model range of level gauges

The ND level meter range is represented by three lines with different types of intended use.


- Allows measurements to be made without opening the tanks.
- Non-contact liquid level measurement and density estimation.
- Control of tanks with liquefied gas or toxic aggressive liquids (ammonia, rocket fuel, acids, alkalis, etc.).


- Operational measurement of fluid level in stationary horizontal steel tanks and vertical steel tanks.
- Determination of average density.
- Measurement of the levels of the separation of two media (product water).
- Calculation of mass and volume of liquid.
- Determination of temperature section by filling height.
- Indication of reaching the limit and set levels.


- Indication of limit and predetermined levels with subsequent activation of control circuits of instrumentation and control systems in environments of any aggression.


ND level gauges demonstrate excellent value for money/quality and the best technical characteristics in the industry.

- Highest measurement accuracy: 0.5 kg / m3
- Average failure time - 14 years.
- The central unit allows the simultaneous connection of 64 probes of different types.
- Calibration interval - 2 years.
- Wide operating temperature range: -50 ° to + 80 ° C.
- Level gauge can be set without stopping the subject.
- The test is performed without removing the probes.
- Simplified service regulations.