Ultrasonic level detector is a device designed for discrete control and regulation of one or more fixed positions of the level, by switching external electrical circuits, by closing or opening the built-in contacts when the sensor element reaches a certain value (reference point) level.


Budget solution of the issue of signaling (set) limit levels – two levels controlled by one converter P25 (upper emergency, lower allowable).

Used in sealed / unsealed tanks with a permissible pressure inside the tanks of not more than 6.3 MPa. The rod transducer is the cover of the fitting – flange or lug (to order), with a built-in rod on one side – a stainless steel sound guide with a diameter of 10 mm, and on the other – a piezomodule with a pressurized compartment and electronics. Special “labels” corresponding to the limit levels of the alarm are applied to the rod. The distance between the labels is at least 15 cm.

The maximum simplicity of a design and absence of mobile surfaces and wearing out, defines high reliability of such converters. One ATC-03, when using P25 transducers can provide in the tank farm with the number of tanks (up to 64 inclusive) control (signaling) up to 2 limit levels of liquid “dry” contacts at the installation site and / or provide information on the interface RS485 on a special relay unit from the operator.

Does not require special technical knowledge from the user, only the manual on operation of the equipment will suffice.