Level gage the UUS-01 signaling device with immersion transducers for continuous measurement of level by a contact method in tanks of vertical steel.


The level meter of modification UUS-01 (for vertical steel tanks) is intended for continuous level measurement by contact method in tanks of vertical steel with sound-conducting environments: light oil products, liquefied hydrocarbon gas, oils, alcohol, solvents, water and other sound-conducting liquids, non-aggressive.

Note – Materials in contact with the environment: stainless steel 12X18H9T; glass tube plastic TSPP-EI, covered with antistatic primer-enamel UR-599; steel St10.

The range of level measurements from the radiating surface of the sensor AD1, which is part of the immersion transducer and intended for level measurement, to the section liquid / gaseous medium through the thickness of liquids – from 100 to 12000 mm

Absolute measurement error (instrumental) ± 1.0 mm.

Provides measurement of the level of domestic water in the range provided by the design of the immersion transducer.

If necessary, the level meter can be additionally equipped with overhead transducers (see the Description of the level meter of the UUS-00 modification).

The level gauges are equipped with RS-232, RS-485 interfaces and can be connected to: a personal computer with specialized software, an automated process control system.