Self-service terminal designed to provide management of fuel supply and payment and settlement processes in cashless form using payment cards at retail outlets for fuel and AdBlue. By means of the universal protocol of data exchange the console provides management of electronic PRK, and also electromechanical PRK at application of complexes of technical and software means of the account of fuel. The equipment is installed on the side of the PRC inside the compartment of the electronics.


– Implementation of self-service and payment for fuel using contactless fuel RFID-cards;
– Ability to independently select the required amount of fuel using the Touch-interface 7 ‘screen (Touch-Screen);
– There is a possibility of management from the mobile application;
– Management of one side of the PRC, the ability to connect to the cash register for printing fiscal checks;
– Automatic shutdown of PRK cranes after release of fuel;
– Reception and processing of information signals from the PRC with a resolution of 0.1 liters;
– There is an option “full tank”;
– Registration and transmission of data for reporting;
– Ability to work with different protocols and interfaces PRK;
– Ensuring interaction with NG-CARD payment systems.

– weight: 6 kg;
– dimensions: 322x344x165 (excluding the length of cables);
– supply voltage, B: 220 ± 0.5 (50 Hz);
– power consumption: not more than 20 W;
– operating air temperature: -20… +50 ° С – degree of protection of the console (built in PRK) – IP52