Electric vehicle charging stations

The trend towards the use of electric cars in the developed world is growing rapidly and may soon cause a real stir. That is why their successful future is obvious. The only question is the speed of growth in demand for such cars and the policy of governments to finance the development of infrastructure for charging stations.

Analyzing new world trends, our team has been working for several years on the development and continuous improvement of power plants for commercial purposes and home use. Today we offer a modern alternative to other global manufacturers, which is not inferior in terms of price / quality.

Uninterrupted work

  • EVC is steady against seasonal fluctuations of temperatures
  • Remote diagnostics of the station
  • Remote software update

Built-in protection systems

  • Automatic short circuit protection.
    An automatic protection unit is provided for each channel.
  • Electronic overload protection
    Load management is performed by ND Smart Power Management software and hardwaret
  • Electronic leakage control
  • Protection against dust and water splashes
    Housing and control unit protection class - IP 54 (according to international standard IEC 60529)

Real vandal resistance

  • Anti-vandal case
  • Information display with protective glass
    Indication of the main indicators of the charging process: power, condition, time
  • Cables and charging connectors designed for high loads
  • Reinforced mounting system

ND EVC FAST DC 300 - 500 Kw high speed commercial

Shopping malls, supermarkets, gyms, hotels or motels, universities and other educational institutions, official institutions, business centers, parking lots near theaters and cinemas - the range of locations can be expanded. Add your new recharging points to the map and calmly solve your business, because transportation, installation and service support of our EVC does not require your close attention and time.
By creating affordable conditions for the owners of electric cars or just your employees, you are taking a confident step towards creating a healthy successful future!
120 – 200 kW
40 – 102 kW
22 – 88kW

EVC ND HOME 7 – 44 kW Charge at home

Small household power plants are gaining popularity among owners of electric cars, because they take up very little space and therefore can be placed in private homes. Also, such models are often installed in small offices, thus creating a comfortable, affordable recharging environment for their employees and at the same time taking care of the cleanliness of the environment.

Universal stations for charging electric vehicles

The range of ND charging stations includes a full range of modern types of connectors for electric cars. Depending on the number of built-in inverter modules, the ND can have a power of 30, 60, 90, 120, 160, 200, 250, 300 and 350 kW.

CCS Type 2

Direct current DC
Charging speed up to 120 кV/h


Direct current DC
Charging speed up to 50 кV/h

CCS Type 1

Direct current DC
Charging speed up to 120 кV/h

Type 2

Alternating current AC
Phase 1
Charging speed up to 22 кV/h

Type 1

Alternating current AC
Phase 1
Charging speed up to 7.2 кV/h


Direct current DC
Charging speed up to 50 кV/h

Discover success in business!

For B2B customers, we offer the ideal solution for the maximum comfort of your customers and, accordingly, the growth of your business. You can choose the types and number of connectors and the preferred power of power plants - all depending on the location and needs of users.

Unique design

We are ready to develop a unique design and make EVC especially for your order with your logo.