The history of ND Group began in Ukraine in the late 90's. The first object of activity of the new engineering company was gas stations. At that time in Ukraine, they were quite simple objects where you could not drink coffee or have a snack, wash a car or buy motor oil. But even simple systems needed automation. The ND team started working on their development.


At first we learned to convert mechanical gas stations into electronic ones. And in 2002 we designed and developed our first cash register based on the Citizen printer.


In 2004, the company introduced to the market the first full-scale integrated solution based on IBM's POS terminal.


In 2008, ND Group acquired Viatech, a company that developed and manufactured level sensors. The merger made it possible to significantly improve the production technology and introduce new algorithms for ultrasonic signal processing. The result was the emergence of a new generation control and measuring device - ultrasonic level meter-signaling device (ATC). The device is protected by patents and today is a worthy competitor to the world's leading solutions.


Situation in the world:

Society's constant desire to develop new technologies and provide comfortable living conditions each year leads to environmental problems, including excessive CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases, which affect human health, animals, pollution of ecosystems and, consequently, the quality of our lives. Often, unfortunately, these are global problems, the consequences of which we do not feel immediately, they are only the result of continuous steady and rapid growth in demand and its thoughtless or unconscious actions.

World health and environmental organizations are sounding the alarm. Postponing decisive action until tomorrow can cause serious problems that we do not think about in our daily routine.

Our solution:

We are convinced that the existence of human civilization, our future and the future of future generations depend, in particular, on the effectiveness and scale of targeted actions that can significantly reduce the presence of dangerous chemical compounds in the atmosphere, hydro- and lithosphere and lead to favorable changes in the environment.

That is why ND Group has formed a new development strategy - to help in the regeneration of our planet's resources. We offer the latest solutions, the implementation of which in the future will certainly reduce the incidence of pollution caused by pollution and improve living standards.