It is the duty of every conscious person to take care of a secure future today.

The equipment and solutions we present are a guarantee of caring for the safe and healthy future of our planet. Take care of the next generations and you!


we make a professional examination for each project


we develop equipment with your design

Quality and safety

confirmed by certificates for equipment and ISO 9001: 2015

Customer orientation

we study the project and manufacture equipment specifically to order

Price/quality match

we guarantee a good price and high quality equipment

ND Group - about the company

During the 25 years of the company's existence, we have come a long way, learned a lot and achieved a lot. But the world is not standing still, creating new challenges. Our team accepts them as a challenge, and this forces us to constantly look for new ideas, solutions, directions and strategies.

Years of hard work in the field of technology and consistent policy in the implementation of its own vision have turned the company into a full-fledged brand. Now, ND Group is not only a highly professional team, but also a leader in the profile environment..

However, the status that the brand gives us not only adds enthusiasm to the work, but also obliges. The strength of the brand is expressed in the degree of influence on society and the market, and therefore requires humanitarian self-determination at the level of corporate culture, our values and global mission.

That is why we are purposefully working on the brand's humanitarian goal - the company's corporate philosophy, which is reflected in the daily hard work of its employees to build a better, healthier and more successful future. For us, this is the answer to the question: "What will be our next step to change the world for the better?


years of experience


representations in the countries of the world






“'The future depends on what you do today.”

Mahatma Gandhi